Olga's Dance Hall Girls 1969


This last gasp of the grindhouse "Olga" series is a tossed off shrug of a movie that nonetheless entertains in a tacky, surreal style. Audrey Campbell no longer stars as the sinister femme fatale Olga, and her replacement retains none of her clumsy menace. Instead she languidly lounges about the flimsy sets smoking cigarettes and looking pale and sweaty. This new Olga is apparently too bored by the proceedings to even torture her white slaves. Instead the dirty work is handled by her partner Nick (Larry Hunter), a slimy, weasel faced man who lures innocent housewives into prostitution by offering them jobs as "dance instructors" in Olga's dance hall. Group sex, nude dancing and pretty ladies wrestling in their underwear are the results, along with several long, seemingly impromptu scenes where the characters talk endlessly and in circles.

Directed by: Joseph P. Mawra
Written by: Joseph P. Mawra
Runtime: 60 minutes
Tagline: Olga's back with exciting new girls...new thrills!
Lucy Eldredge
Lucy Eldredge
Larry Hunter
Larry Hunter
Nick / Vince (as Frank Morton)