Quella villa accanto al cimitero 1981


The Boyle family moves into a gothic style house by a cemetery, unaware of its bloody path and guts-spraying future.

Directed by: Lucio Fulci
Written by: Lucio Fulci & Dardano Sacchetti & Giorgio Mariuzzo
Release date: 1981-08-14
Runtime: 87 minutes
Critics score:
Tagline: You may have just mortgaged your life.
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Also known as:
  • A Casa do Cemitério
  • Aquella casa junto al cementerio
  • Enoikiazetai Stoiheiomeni Vila Dipla sto Nekrotafeio
  • Het huis bij het kerkhof
  • Huset på kyrkogården
  • I Stoiheiomeni Vila
  • La casa cercana al cementerio
  • La maison près du cimetière
  • Lucio Fulci's: Das Haus an der Friedhofsmauer
  • The House Outside the Cemetery
  • Zombie Hell House
  • Ενοικιάζεται Στοιχειωμένη Βίλα Δίπλα στο Νεκροταφείο
  • Η Στοιχειωμένη Βίλα
  • 墓地裏の家