Rise of the Planet of the Apes 2011

Scientist Will Rodman is determined to find a cure for Alzheimer's, the disease which has slowly consumed his father. Will feels certain he is close to a breakthrough and tests his latest serum on apes, noticing dramatic increases in intelligence and brain activity in the primate subjects – especially Caesar, his pet chimpanzee.

Directed by: Rupert Wyatt
Release date:2011-08-03
Runtime:105 minutes
Critics score:
Tagline:Evolution Becomes Revolution.
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James Franco
James Franco
Will Rodman 
Andy Serkis
Andy Serkis
Freida Pinto
Freida Pinto
Caroline Aranha 
John Lithgow
John Lithgow
Charles Rodman 
Brian Cox
Brian Cox
John Landon 
Tom Felton
Tom Felton
Dodge Landon 
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Also known as:
  • A majmok bolygója: Lázadás
  • Abernes planet: Oprindelsen
  • Bezdzioniu planetos sukilimas
  • El Origen del Planeta de los Simios
  • El Planeta de los Simios: El Origen
  • Geneza planety małp
  • L'alba del pianeta delle scimmie
  • La Montée de la planète des singes
  • La Planète Des Singes: Les Origines
  • Planet der Affen: Prevolution
  • Planet of the Apes 7 - Rise of
  • Planet of the Apes 7 - Rise of the Planet of the Apes
  • Planeta dos Macacos: A Origem
  • Saru no wakusei: Jeneshisu
  • Ο Πλανήτης Των Πιθήκων: Η Εξέγερση
  • 猿の惑星:創世記(ジェネシス)
  • 혹성탈출: 진화의 시작