Saving Silverman 2001

Critics score:
18 / 100

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Susan Stark, Detroit News: Even 12-year-old girls will see it as the defensive and moronic excuse for a comedy about modern sexual politics that it is. Read more

Philip Wuntch, Dallas Morning News: Subjects the viewer to the torture of excruciatingly unfunny dialogue, abrasively unappealing characters and mentally abusive situations. Read more

Peter Howell, Toronto Star: We just get a lot more of the gross-out humour that is still distressingly in vogue for teen-oriented movies. Read more

A.O. Scott, New York Times: If Judith ... were asked to render a diagnosis of what's wrong with Saving Silverman, she might note that it displays a pathological fear and hatred of women. Read more

Eleanor Ringel Gillespie, Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Something quite rare: a 90-minute comedy without a single laugh. Not one single one. Read more

Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times: Maybe they actually had fun doing this film, but if so, this feeling is likely to be contagious only to those who like their movies relentlessly mindless. Read more

Eric Harrison, Houston Chronicle: You'd have to go back to November to Little Nicky to find a movie that approaches this for dreckiness. Read more

Steven Rosen, Denver Post: Dreadfully stupid and insincere. Read more

Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly: In one rotten production ... all involved have managed to create the most unlikable, man hating, woman hating, unfunny idiots since Whipped. Read more

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Gene Seymour, Newsday: There is nothing in the personalities of J.D., Wayne or Darren that makes me believe that they don't deserve to be slapped upside their heads for being pathetic losers. Read more

James Berardinelli, ReelViews: Pretty consistently funny, and that's about all one can ask from this kind of motion picture. Read more

Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times: So bad in so many different ways that perhaps you should see it, as an example of the lowest slopes of the bell-shaped curve. Read more

Andrew O'Hehir, A sublimely idiotic farce. Read more

Wesley Morris, San Francisco Chronicle: The movie can barely muster the bravery to be even Dude, Where's My Car stoopid. Read more

Jeff Strickler, Minneapolis Star Tribune: Read more

Derek Adams, Time Out: Read more

Susan Wloszczyna, USA Today: Not just stupid, but brain dead. Read more

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Robert Koehler, Variety: Darren appears to be so idiotic that he's hardly worth saving. Read more

Edward Crouse, Village Voice: Despite an early, zesty deluge of gags ... it soon settles down to an anxious man-a-thon. Read more

Desson Thomson, Washington Post: Really stinks. No, really. It's bad. Awful. Read more

Stephen Hunter, Washington Post: Expends a moderate budget and several attractive young performers to absolutely no consequence. Read more