Tango And Cash 1989

Critics score:
34 / 100

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Dave Kehr, Chicago Tribune: The film looks like the sort of queasy fever dream that might be produced by sitting through an entire Orson Welles film festival while eating pepperoni pizzas. Read more

Gene Siskel, Chicago Tribune: The jokes seem lame and the rivalry fraudulent, as the two boys play with their big guns. Read more

Michael Wilmington, Los Angeles Times: Tango and Cash is a waste of talent and energy on all levels: unworthy of Konchalovsky, unworthy also of Stallone, Russell and every superior technical credit on the film. Read more

Desmond Ryan, Philadelphia Inquirer: Both men think that the best way to deliver the right to remain silent to the usual suspects is via a right hook. Read more

Janet Maslin, New York Times: For all practical purposes, there is no plot. Read more

Henry Sheehan, Chicago Reader: The ostensible humor here is of the macho one-liner variety, and much of it falls flat. Read more

Nigel Floyd, Time Out: What makes this shoot-'em-up nonsense surprisingly watchable is Randy Feldman's rapid-fire dialogue, which constantly undercuts the macho posturings while parodying Stallone's screen image. Read more

Variety Staff, Variety: A mindless buddy cop pic, loaded with nonstop action that's played mostly for laughs and delivers too few of them. Read more

Rita Kempley, Washington Post: More like My Beautiful Laundrette in the closet than it is a bad ripoff of Lethal Weapon. Read more