The Fox 1967


Jill Banford and Ellen March have built a good life together on a hardscrabble Canadian farm. Then handsome Paul Grenfell enters their isolated world, and sets friend against friend. But is Paul the real trouble between Jill and Ellen? Or has his presence merely awakened the unspoken, unexplored sexual tension that always existed between the women?

Directed by: Mark Rydell
Written by: Lewis John Carlino & Howard Koch
Runtime: 110 minutes
Critics score:
Tagline: The Fox ... symbol of the male.
Sandy Dennis
Sandy Dennis
Jill Banford 
Anne Heywood
Anne Heywood
Ellen March 
Keir Dullea
Keir Dullea
Paul Grenfell 
Glynne Morris
Glynne Morris
Mr. Overstreet 
IMDb The Fox movie stills
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Also known as:
  • Apenas uma Mulher
  • D.H. Lawrence's The Fox
  • Kettu - miehen symboli
  • La volpe
  • La zorra
  • Le Renard
  • Lišák
  • Лис
  • 女狐