"Rick and Morty" 2013


Rick is a mentally-unbalanced but scientifically gifted old man who has recently reconnected with his family. He spends most of his time involving his young grandson Morty in dangerous, outlandish adventures throughout space and alternate universes. Compounded with Morty's already unstable family life, these events cause Morty much distress at home and school.

Tagline: Science makes sense, family doesn't.
Justin Roiland
Justin Roiland
Rick Sanchez / Morty Smith (voice) 
Chris Parnell
Chris Parnell
Jerry Smith (voice) 
Spencer Grammer
Spencer Grammer
Summer Smith (voice) 
Sarah Chalke
Sarah Chalke
Beth Smith (voice) 
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Also known as:
  • Bushworld Adventures
  • Rick and Morty in the Eternal Nightmare Machine
  • Rick and Morty vs. Genocider
  • Rick and Morty: The Non-Canonical Adventures
  • Samurai and Shogun
  • Summer Meets God (Rick Meets Evil)
  • Summer's Sleepover
  • The Great Yokai Battle of Akihabara
  • The Vindicators
  • Vindicators 2
  • Рік і Морті
  • 릭 앤 모티