Three Amigos! 1986

Critics score:
44 / 100

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Dave Kehr, Chicago Tribune: It's the laziness of the project that's finally most galling. Read more

Gene Siskel, Chicago Tribune: You know it's a boring comedy when you find yourself laughing only at the lead actors' costumes. Read more

Patrick Goldstein, Los Angeles Times: [Three Amigos is] a goofy delight. It's like a cross between a big-budget Three Stooges movie and a Hope-Crosby road picture, with dozens of old cowpoke gags thrown in to spice up the brew. Read more

Jay Boyar, Orlando Sentinel: The happy-go-lucky Three Amigos is a picture to see when your expectations are down and you've already been to everything that's good. Read more

Carrie Rickey, Philadelphia Inquirer: While it's occasionally funny, Three Amigos! isn't an entirely fun occasion. Read more

Janet Maslin, New York Times: Three Amigos is likable, but it never really finds a distinctive style. Not quite parody and not quite serious, it's more like a lengthy costume party. Read more

Pat Graham, Chicago Reader: On the whole there's not a lot of flesh on these cynically haphazard bones. Read more

Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times: All great farces need a certain insane focus, an intensity that declares how important they are to themselves. This movie is too confident, too relaxed, too clever to be really funny. Read more

Geoff Andrew, Time Out: If you enjoy brainless slapstick that allows space for irrelvant absurdities like a singing bush and an invisible swordsman, it's entertaining enough. Read more

Variety Staff, Variety: A few choice morsels of brilliant humor can't save Three Amigos! from missing the whole enchilada. Read more

Paul Attanasio, Washington Post: The script of Three Amigos plays like it was slapped together by a few friends with a tape recorder enjoying a charming weekend at the beach. Read more

Rita Kempley, Washington Post: It's a calamity of a comedy, the perfect complement to concession-stand nachos con cheez. Read more