YellowBrickRoad 2010

Critics score:
44 / 100

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Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel: Co-writer/directors Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton miss as many opportunities as they develop here, but they maintain the mystery and ratchet up suspense like seasoned pros. Read more

Tom Long, Detroit News: As cheap horror fare goes, YellowBrickRoad emphasizes imagination over gore. This is good, because the gore here is somewhat laughable, while the imagination is just creepy enough to be effective. Read more

Ethan Gilsdorf, Boston Globe: Despite us tagging along the trail for days, we feel closer to the landscape than to the characters. Read more

G. Allen Johnson, San Francisco Chronicle: "Yellowbrickroad" is without personality. It's competently made, but the cast and direction are just bland. Read more

Dennis Harvey, Variety: Underwhelming finish explains zilch, but good perfs, atmospherics and use of backwoods locations make Yellowbrickroad an intriguing cipher. Read more

Brian Miller, Village Voice: The film is caught in the fatal demographic desert between the Scream and Baghead crowds -- neither funny nor quirky enough to sustain interest during its long march. Read more