Modern Inventions1937


Donald Duck goes to a museum of modern inventions. After getting in without paying, he meets a robot butler who takes Donald's hat every time he sees him. Donald is very annoyed by this and magically fixes himself a new hat every time this happens and strolls on. Ignoring the sign not to touch it, Donald starts playing with a wrapping machine and ends up being wrapped himself. He also encounters and tries out a robot nursemaid and a fully automatic barber chair. They both don't do him much good.

Directed by:Jack King
Written by:Carl Barks
Runtime:9 minutes
Clarence Nash
Clarence Nash
Donald Duck 
Billy Bletcher
Billy Bletcher
Robot Butler 
Cliff Edwards
Cliff Edwards
Robot Barber Chair 
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Also known as:
  • Die Wunder der Technik
  • Invenzioni Moderne
  • Metkojen keksintöjen museossa